Energy technology

Energy technology

Ideas in Energy

Low voltage systems

Transformers / NS-HS equipment / distribution equipment

  • Conceptual design for switchgear installations, including supply of electrical data for construction
  • Generation of technical specification, RFQ documentation and processing of bids, clarification of technical issues
  • Placement of contracts for erection work, supervision of erection and commissioning
  • Documentation generation
  • Design of protection philosophy (over-current and short-circuit protection, maintaining selectivity, certification of short-circuit tolerance)
  • Automatic meter data acquisition and visualisation
  • Main contractor role also possible if client wishes


Medium voltage systems

Switchgear < 52 kV

Upgrading existing plants (retrofits)

  • Connection to switchgear control systems
  • Replacement of conventional protection devices with digital protection and fieldbus devices
  • Meter data acquisition for remote reading
  • Planning of changeover from pneumatic controls to electrical controls
  • Integration planning for system extensions and interlocks with other systems
  • Supervision of erection
  • Generation of documentation


Additionally, for new plants

  • Conceptual design for implementation, including construction data
  • Generating technical specification, RFQ documentation and processing of bids, clarification of technical issues


High voltage systems

Switchgear > 52 kV

  • Generation of technical specification and RFQ documentation, based on the client’s general outline specification
  • Processing of bids
  • Planning of integration into the works electrical infrastructure
  • Documentation and updating of the works network single-line diagrams


Load systems

Motor distribution systems

  • Technical specification, RFQ documentation and processing of bids
  • Installation planning, customised to client’s wishes, in
    • Fixed-mounted technology
    • Plug-in technology (modular construction)
    • Plug-in technology (MCC distribution boards)
  • Remote control and monitoring functions in conventional technology or with intelligent motor modules, e.g. Simocode
  • Upgrade of existing motor distribution
  • Generation and updating of documentation

Secure power supplies

Emergency power and control voltage networks

  • Conceptual design and planning of
    • no-break control voltage power supplies (UPS systems)
    • automatic emergency power changeover devices
    • standby power supplies (emergency power supplies)
    • secure DC power supplies, including batteries for auxiliary equipment
  • Technical specification, RFQ documentation and processing of bids
  • Documentation processing


Cable calculation program pit-Alpi Caneco NS

Layout, calculation and documentaion of low voltage systems

Program for reliable and effective design, calculation and optimisation of low voltage electrical systems, taking into account all parameters of the standard:

  • Standard-compliant calculation of cables, wiring, busbar systems and protection components, including selectivity and personnel protection.
  • Automatic generation of distribution drawings and single-line drawings
  • Cost-reduction of more than 20% by default selection of standard values and automatic selection of the most cost-effective wiring and protection components
  • Comprehensive data for complete documentation of the electrical system
  • Design of protective devices
  • Design of cables and wiring
  • Determination of power consumption
  • Determination of operating currents
  • Determination of voltage drops
  • Determination of short-circuit currents
  • Determination of turn-off times
  • Determination of selective protection



Special applications

Special application areas

  • Power factor correction equipment
    • Conceptual design and planning of open-loop and closed-loop LV and MV power factor correction systems
  • Determination of reactive power and choke requirement (by the client or a partner company on behalf of fiwa)
  • Generator protection devices and exciters
  • Voltage regulation in the supply network


Electrical trace heating

  • Costing
  • Conceptual design
  • Design and project engineering of electrical trace heating systems for industrial plants
  • Product heating and frost-protection heating systems, e.g. for pipework, containers, silos, apparatus, pumps,emergency safety showers, gutters, water sumps
  • Use of heating conductors, self-regulating band heaters, heating pads, radiators, cartridge heaters
  • Generating documentation