Health, safety & environment


  • Basics of explosion protection
  • ATEX
  • R & I basic seminar
  • Seminar on functional safety in the process industry
  • Seminar on functional safety in mechanical engineering
  • CE labelling
  • Schooling
  • User-specific training

Safety at work

  • Support for companies and employees in accordance with German safety regulations (BGV A2)
    • Safety regulation support relating to German occupational safety legislation
    • Support in relation to workplace accident prevention regulations
  • Carrying out risk assessments in accordance with German occupational safety legislation
  •  Carrying out risk assessments in accordance with the German industrial safety ordinance
  • Safety seminars


Explosion protection

  • Classification of explosion risk zones according to the frequency and duration of explosive atmospheres
  • Generating Ex-zone drawings
  • Assistance in the selection of equipment specifications for explosion risk zones
  • Assessment of EX-i certificates
  • Generating Ex-protection documents in accordance with Section 6 of the German industrial safety ordinance
  • Proposals for measures in accordance with BGR 104
  • Documentation in accordance with the technical rules for industrial safety

CE marking

  • CE marking of individual and networked machines
  •  Carrying out the prescribed conformance assessment procedures
    • Risk analyses
    • Risk assessment
    • Checking for compliance with standards
  • Checking the required associated paperwork
    • Installation instructions
    • Operating instructions
    • Training

Fuel technology / Boiler protection

EN 50156-1, VDE 0116, DGRL

  • Moderation of discussions about safety
  • Generation of risk analyses
  • Calculation of SIL safety circuits and loops with traceable and documented verification
  • Category confirmation for pressurised equipment
  • Documentation

Functional safety in accordance with EN 61511/EN ISO 13849-1

  • Moderation of discussions about safety
    • Advice on risk analyses
    • Moderation and documentation of safety discussions
  • Generation of risk analyses
    • Preparation for risk analyses
  • Development of a management system for functional safety in accordance with the legal requirements and the client’s requirements
  • Generation of SIL life cycle with associated documentation
  • Development of user instructions in collaboration with the client
  • Design and implementation of safety controls taking account of the structural and quantifiable requirements for the safety system
  • Generation of SIL/PL certificates with regard to optimal test cycles
  • Advice in the selection of safety components and devices
SIL Architektur Risikograf – Funktionale Sicherheit Maschinenrichtlinie
Example of a SIS architecture Functional safety in process
engineering plants
New Machinery Directive