GDS - exact and reproducible dosing of mixtures and gases

Customised systems from "small to large"!


Mixing and dosing systems for porous plugs

We produce state-of-the-art gas mixing and distribution stations for the gassing of aluminium smelting furnaces using purging plugs (porous plugs). On customer request, we offer the whole set including dosing system, porous plugs and installation into the furnace. We manufacture and supply systems with one porous plug for small die casting furnaces as well as with up to 16 plug lines for large aluminium smelting furnaces.

Trouble-free operation can only be ensured with a gas dosing and distribution system which does not only feed each individual porous plug with the required amount of gas but which is also in the position to compensate for different counter-pressures. Our systems feature the utmost in user-friendliness and have a rugged and durable design adjusted to harsh operating conditions.

Advantages of gas purging technology:

  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced system and consumption costs
  • High degree of process and system reliability
  • Reduced hydrogen content in aluminium (low density index)
  • More precise temperature control
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Good homogeneity of the molten bath


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Aluminium smelting furnace with porous plugs in operation


Bottom purging station for   two porous plugs

Gas dosing system with thermal gas quantity meter


Gas mixing and dosing systems for impeller and graphite lance operation

Gas mixing and gas distribution systems for the mixing of chlorine and nitrogen or chlorine and argon to be supplied to the aluminium smelting furnaces through graphite lances.

Advantages of GDS systems:

  • Exact mixing of chlorine and nitrogen or argon
  • Proven technology
  • High degree of process and system reliability
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Variably adjustable chlorine ratio


lib/fiwa/images/produkte/GDS/GDS 5.JPG lib/fiwa/images/produkte/GDS/GDS 4.jpg    
gas mixing station
Control cabinet of the
gas mixing station