in foundries and metal recycling companies

iMES CC - the production management system of the fiwa)group

iMES CC was developed in collaboration with the various departments of the fiwa) group with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The entire know-how of the fiwa group of companies in the field of production planning has been incorporated into this development. These systems are also gaining more and more importance in foundries and metal recycling companies. As yet, these industry sectors do not generally work with integrated production management systems. The processing of individual logistics, production and business tasks is carried out mostly independently of each other using stand-alone solutions.
Orders, purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery information are, for example, components of ERP systems, which are used to plan production. The automation level, however, (e.g., furnace and machine control systems) is a part of the production level. Generally, preceding and subsequent systems (e.g. ERP systems) are not integrated. As a consequence, important information such as inventory levels, operational data and crucial key data (KPIs) must often be recorded separately, evaluated manually, and applied again at a different point. This is uneconomical and, as experience shows, it is also a source of unnecessary errors.


lib/fiwa/images/produkte/iMesCC fuer Giessereien/Pyramide_englisch.jpg

The automation pyramid illustrates the embedding of the iMES CC in the overall production management system

iMES CC stands for "integrated Manufacturing Execution System Control Center"

and is a production management system that seamlessly integrates the planning level (ERP/SAP) with the production level. This interface enables the management, guidance, steering and control of production. For the user, this means that all relevant data is available in real time (BDE, MDE, QM, etc.), enabling them to make important decisions immediately. iMES CC significantly contributes to the transparency of the entire system through its bi-directional communication, which includes all levels. This highlights areas for potential optimisation.

lib/fiwa/images/produkte/iMesCC fuer Giessereien/Visualisierte Anlagenauslastung.png

Visualisation of system utilisation


iMES CC can be integrated into existing systems and delivers real-time information about the entire production process - from goods receipt to the finished product. The software is individually customised for each application. The modular design offers a cost-effective entry point and can be extended with additional modules at any time.

lib/fiwa/images/produkte/iMesCC fuer Giessereien/Integration_en.jpg

Schematic representation of the interfaces to other systems and the modular construction


Intuitive graphical interfaces (HMIs) allow manual intervention and provide all relevant production data to the staff involved in production. In general, most of the inputs are generated by identification systems such as bar code, RFID, biometrics, etc.



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