Intelligent control technology equips the sucker rod pump for the future!

The economy needs innovations to move forward and to persist. As a partner of economy, we feel bound to top performances.

In addition, we always have the responsible use of energy and resources in view.

  • The market increasingly demands intelligent pump controls
  •  Today's oil pumps provide a large saving potential within the pumping behavior

Our target was developing energy-optimized control technology and fault management for sucker rod pumps, also known as horse head pumps, which allow an optimal adaptation of the pumping activity to the inflow and the production:


Development of a control option,

  • that constantly and proactively adapts the drive to the current production
  • that observes the technical state of the plant at the same time, reports looming error situations
  • that switch the pump off immediately in case of severe disturbances.




This development serves the demands for energy efficiency and the highest reliability of the oil-exploitation companies. With precise control, saving up to 30% electric power is realistic!


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