Optimization by Combining

Combination of Gas dosing system and furnace weighing

The combination of gas dosing system and weighing within the combustion chamber in addition to the direct benefits results a number of synergies leading to the process optimization.


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The Fusion of the Systems

The result of a fusion is the saving of energy and mediums through an optimal product quality and effectiveness as well as a controlled, adapted homogenisation of weighing-related content determination.


Benefits of GDS


  • Circulation
  • Reduction of the hydrogen index
  • Chemical molten pool cleansing
  • Faster liquefaction of alloying and treatment additions

Benefits of the Furnace Weiging System


  • Exact content determination with an accuracy of 0.05% to 1%
  • Yield determination
  • Precise addition of alloying and treatment additions
  • Exact furnace filling and emptying
  • Higher level of automation



Additional Use through Combination of the Systems


  • Cost savings by directly influencing the quantities of gas through furnace weighing system
  • Process optimization through increased level of automation, up to complete automation of the gas dosing system
  • One common controller and an operating terminal for both applications



Retrofitting of the furnace weighing as well as the gas rinsing technology by porous plugs and gas dosing system of existing furnaces is easily possible in many cases, both individually and in the combination described. Please contact us and we will be happy to check the on-site conditions and discuss possible solutions with you.