NEW: overfill safety for gutters, pans and crucible


Intrinsic safety

Self-monitoring system


Thermal protection up to 900 °C


This is a contribution to more job and industrial safety by avoiding overfilling liquid metal.



With fiwa)group you will now get an overfill safety for liquid aluminum or other conduction media, applicable till 900 °C melting temperature.

This Safety function is unique with this device, compared to other available device on the market.

By using a safety task evaluate-relay, the overfill safety will be error controlled (cable break, cable short circuit).

The PRE-LEVEL®, is a limit detection, which thru to shortcut of both of its contact pieces based on liquid and conductive metal-melting thru an evaluation-relay with opening-contact, to initiate appropriate process. A further admission of liquid metal will be stopped.


PRE-LEVEL on gutter Der PRE-LEVEL from above on gutter


PRE-LEVEL® even works in rough surroundings, e.g. foundries, always reliable.

Functional principle

Functional principle of PRE-LEVEL®