iMES CC – Your production management system

iMES CC stands for “integrated Manufacturing Execution System Control Center” – a production management system that links and integrates the planning level of your company (ERP/SAP) with the production level. This interface lets you manage, steer, control and monitor production in real-time. iMES CC makes a significant contribution to the transparency of manufacture, and actively supports you in optimizing the production process.

Profitability and sustainability are the production goals that enable cost savings and promote effective working. Competitiveness is achieved and maintained by utilizing potential to the full.


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iMES CC in foundries and metal recycling companies

Practice-oriented MES systems have demonstrated the new possibilities and potential savings that can be realised through iMES CC, particularly in foundries and metal recycling companies.  Without the use of a
production management system, it will soon become close to impossible to manage production in line with market conditions and make sound operating decisions.

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Intelligent control technology for sucker rod pumps

fiwa)group developed an energy-optimised control technology and fault management for sucker rod pumps, also known as horse head pumps. It allows optimum adaptation of the pump action on the inflow and die yield.

We offer a control option,

  • that constantly and proactively adapts the drive to the current promotion,
  • that observes the technical condition of the plant, announces looming error situations and
  • that shuts down the pump on serious incidents immediately.
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Innovations for the metal-producing and metalworking industry

Our customers in the metal-producing and metalworking industry benefit from our many years of experience and specialization in this area.

With our solutions for weighing, measuring and monitoring, you are assured that your production equipment is in good condition at all times. Our iMES CC production management system integrates seamlessly and flexibly into your production process and provides end-to-end monitoring, control and optimization of your production. Our tried-and-tested backpressure-independent mixing and gas dispensing systems can also meet the most demanding requirements for product treatment.

See for yourself – we would be pleased to provide you with individual advice on our products and solutions to assure your successful production.


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Identification by using RFID technology

Identification and logistics of holding crucibles. A… hot-style challenge!

The new development by the fiwa) group from Burghausen enables data acquisition on heated holding crucibles through the use of UHF RFID technology.

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Wireless Communication using RFID


The fiwa)group production management system

Practitioners/industry insiders are aware of the many possibilities for optimisation in the metalproducing and metalworking industry, on the way from raw materials to finished products. An excellent solution for process control, in which errors are largely ruled out, is provided by the fiwa)group with its modular production control system.


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Filling of transportation crucibles

Rotierende Behälter auf Wägebausätzen, mit Datenübertragung mittels Schleifringkörper, unter extremen Bedingungen.

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GDS - exact and reproducible dosing of mixtures and gases

We produce state-of-the-art gas mixing and distribution stations for the gassing of aluminium smelting furnaces using purging plugs (porous plugs). On customer request, we offer the whole set including dosing system, porous plugs and installation into the furnace. ..

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Combination of gas dosing system and furnace weighing

Optimization by Combining

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Overfill Safety PRE-LEVEL®

Intrinsic safety - Self-monitoring system - CE-labeling - Thermal protection up to 900 °C

With fiwa)group you will now get an overfill safety for liquid aluminum or other conduction media, applicable till 900 °C melting temperature.

This is a contribution to more job and industrial safety by avoiding overfilling liquid metal.

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