Solid filling

A new innovative filling system

Accurate filling made even easier

The fiwa)group designed a semi-automatic filling plant with the purpose to fill sacks/bags of different sizes with food supplements. The entire plant makes it possible to dose extremely quickly and precisely the products passing a Big-Bag discharger station. Subsequently the bags are welded or sewed and manually stacked on pallets.

The fiwa control unit and the fluidizing and dosing system KAD150 represents the plant‘s heart. The entire plant can be either operated via touch panel which is integrated into the control cabinet including visualization or via local operation components. Additionally it is possible to partly operate the Big-Bag discharger station using a separate operation terminal which is directly positioned at the Big-Bag discharger station. The control unit comprises a recipe processing and administration program thus enabling an easier operation of the whole system.

To meet hygiene requirements the filling and worktable bottoms were fixed, leaving a sufficiently dimensioned
distance between floor and bottoms, to enable a thorough clean-up of these areas.


lib/fiwa/images/produkte/Abfuelldosiersysteme/Schaltschrank.jpg lib/fiwa/images/produkte/Abfuelldosiersysteme/Rovita_Stahlbau2.jpg lib/fiwa/images/produkte/Abfuelldosiersysteme/Kokeisl-System2.jpg lib/fiwa/images/produkte/Abfuelldosiersysteme/Dosierbehaelter.jpg
fiwa control cabinet filling plant - steel construction dosing unit - detail dosing unit with scale



Filling and dosing viewed from above and below.

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The filling plant consists of the following main components

1. Big-Bag discharger station
By means of the fiwa operation terminal integrating the Big-Bag discharger station into the entire filling plant single functionalities of the Big-Bag discharger station can be locally selected and executed. 


2. Metal detection and separation
The downpipe between Big-Bag and dosing unit contains the metal detector which is directly attached to the ceiling. After detection of any metallic particles they are separated by means of a pneumatical expulsion process.


3. Dosing unit
In order to always grant a sufficient product quantity for filling and to avoid any overfilling, a product-dependent filling level control equipped with weighing technology was realized.


4. Filling, dosing and fluidizing system
Preceding the filling system is a dosing software based on Siwarex. By means of touch panels different functions such as product, item number or item description and filling quantity can be selected. The filling quantity is correct to 2 grams.


5. Filling table and platform weighing unit
The filling table is directly positioned under the system. The entire filling table is fixed to a high-resolution weighing platform. 


6. Welding and sewing device attached to the worktable
Immediately behind the filling shelf and beyond the Ex zone the welding and sewing unit was installed. In a manual process the foils are welded and the paper bags are sewed